Some of these questions have TRULY been asked pretty frequently. Others may have only been asked once, but I wanted to share them with you anyway... mostly because I thought my answers were really clever.

Q: Are these nickels that you sell real or are they forgeries or counterfeits?
A: They are 100% real and authentic. The date and all the other details shown on the coin are the exact date and details they were minted with.

Q: Don't you know that cleaning coins is really bad for them and decreases their value?
A: What I'm doing here goes well beyond cleaning them. I'm restoring them. I'm taking coins that have no dates and very few details and almost no value at all and I'm restoring them. Cleaning a coin with an original date does, indeed, reduce it's value and appeal. Restoring a coin with no date and no appeal ADDS value to that coin. Understand?

Q: I hate restored nickels. People who buy and sell them are bottom feeders.
A: Ummm... what's your question? If you don't really have a question please go take a pill... and don't come back.

buffalo nickels

Q: I have some old nickels with no dates. How can I restore them?
A: Check out my Restoration Process. If that's not helpful, send me $25,000.00 and you can buy me out for one full year and I'll tell you EVERYTHING you could ever want to know.

Q: Would your process work on "V" nickels too?
A: Absolutely. Someday, when the dates have worn off of the Jefferson Nickels, it will work on them, too.

Q: Is there a grading system for restored nickels?
A: Yes! I am the famous person who invented it! Would you like my autograph? Check out my grading system.

Q: Are your restored nickels as valuable as those with real dates?
A: Poor choice of words! My restorations ARE real dates! I think you're asking if my restorations are as valuable as nickels with "original" or "natural" dates. The answer to that, generally speaking, is NO. A 1921-S nickel with an original date in VF is worth far more than one of my restored 1921-S nickels that only has VF characteristics. My 1921-S with an appearance of VF , however, is very affordable and might look a lot better in your set than an original date in AG. A lot of folks tell me they buy my coins to fill holes in their sets until they have the money or opportunity to buy an original date coin in higher grade.

Q: If I gave you a list of restored dates that I wish to buy, will you make them up for me?
A: I appreciate your faith and confidence in me but, no, I don't take requests for specific dates. Generally speaking, I only sell on eBay. I'm a one-man operation and I have a routine that I follow pretty faithfully every week which enables me to produce 15 to 25 quality restorations with a wide variety of dates and mints. Taking requests for specific dates disrupts up that routine. Additionally, determining a cost for a specific date gets sticky because there are no published prices for restored coins. Selling on eBay avoids the whole pricing issue - people bid what they wish to pay and the high bid wins.

Q: I've noticed that some of your descriptions are actually sort of derogatory towards your own coins. Did you really mean to say that the Buffalo looked like it had been mauled by a bear?
A: Truth in advertising! I calls 'em as I sees 'em! And I don't charge any extra for the humor.....

Q: Why do you frequently show a reverse photo of the nickel before showing the front side?
A: The simple truth is that I always show whichever side looks best FIRST. If the Indian has a big hickey on his head I'd like you to NOT turn away without seeing how nice the Buffalo looks. If the Buffalo looks like it ran through a field of barbed wire you can be sure you'll see the Indian first. How's THAT for an honest answer?

Q; I want to know more about these Nickels. Where can I get some information?
A: I have a page here that deals with the series history, but if you really want to get serious I suggest you pick up a copy of David Lange's "The Complete Guide to Buffalo Nickels."

Q: Do you do this for a living?
A: I can only wish! I do it on a part-time basis. I spend 20 to 25 hours per week doing this in addition to my regular "day" job. You can read all about me if you need some help falling asleep...

Q: How do the chemicals you use work? Can you restore the dates on other coins with no dates, like Standing Liberty Quarters?
A: There may be ways to restore dates on silver coins but, if there are, I don't know about them. I'm a one trick pony - nickels only. Read about my restoration process if you'd like an explanation on how and why it works.

Q: How do you determine the value of a restored nickel?
A: I list it on eBay and the winning bid determines it's value. Seriously, there are no publications for determining their value. It's simply a matter of what an individual is willing to pay if there are one or more other individuals who also have an interest in the coin.